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You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore.

Published June 25, 2012 by largemargeuk

You can’t make me feel
the darkness
that used to crowd around me
as I lay awake at night
I don’t know why
I gave you
that power. But I’m
taking it back. You can’t hurt me

You can’t cloud my
with your memories and
thinly veiled threats.
I don’t understand
how I thought you
could do that. But you can’t
again. You can’t hurt me

I am taking off for
the heart of the
sun and I am going to
shine and blaze.
From this moment on,
you are gone
and forgotten. My life
is now mine. You can’t hurt me



Published June 10, 2012 by largemargeuk

Desire has led me
to some very dark places
to some caves, in my soul
where no light ever shone.
Down some twisted back alleys
where demins lay lurking,
to some fiery hell
where the tortures roll on.

Desire has burned me
seared my flesh off
boiled my blood
into vapour and steam.
It has bitten my bones
and flayed my nerve endings
and rising to choke me
from the pit of my dreams

Made the long nights a torture
I barely endured,
sent my hands racing through me
looking to satisfy it.
Cost me friends and true lovers
and my good reputation
all because I love dancing
on the lip of the pit.

And now,in this fever
of all wanton wanting
this madness to fly
in to the kiss of the fire –
I call caress me or kill me
but don’t leave me wanting
as once more I yield
to my good friend, desire.


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