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Black Love

Published August 23, 2012 by largemargeuk

Red love is roses
blue love is tears
white love is pure
as a rain drop.
Green love is new love
and grey love is sad,
but black love is a hunger
that won’t stop.

I have known black love
beneath hell’s own skies
and I have to admit
I enjoyed it.
The thrill of the chase and
the tension of waiting
and each kiss which may well
have destroyed it

Black love is blindness
and you’re lost in each other
unable to see
the other side of the room.
It is life at it’s highest
for the fear of it’s lowest,
it is exhilaration
and doom.

Come love me, black love
we’ll meet in the shadows
and wrestle and burn
until dawn.
The hunger can linger
for it tempts me to feed it
and each time we touch
it’s reborn.


If it’s a war you want, it’s war you’ll get

Published August 3, 2012 by largemargeuk

I am so sick of and saddened by the sight, everywhere I go across England, of extremist Muslims preaching hate against the UK and the US and the civilized world and especially their flagrant attempts to recruit children as suicide bombers right here on English Street corners. In Stoke, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds – everywhere I have been lately, these invidious, disgraceful individuals have no shame in what they are doing and no scruples as to the consequence.

People have a right to religion (and I think all religions are ridiculous by the way) but they have no right o conspire to murder me and my friends and destroy the society I and my forebears have struggled to build. They can go back to their stinky little caves in Pakistan or wherever and plan their sick fantasies for hell on earth from there for all I care. meanwhile,  I am proud of soldiers from every nation who have taken the fight to these sick bastards and are trying to destroy their reign of hate.

Little boy, you make you big boy angry face
you shake you little fist in the air
and shout out your God is great.
And everyone is your enemy
but do you really just hate yourself?
Well, if it’s a war you want, sir
then it’s war you’ll get.

Women, gays, athiests
children, hippies, freaks
all in your crosshairs,
under the trigger of your bombs.
Freddom is our sacred right
and we will not bow to your law.
So, if it’s a war you want, sir
then it’s war you’ll get.

I will not cover one inch of flesh
for my flesh is mone ot bare
and I will nto teach my children
your brand of hate.
We don’t live in your filthy village any more,
we live in a civilized world.
And, if it’s a war you want, sir
then it’s war you’ll get.

I see you out recruiting boys
and girls to fight your cause
to bring your bloody vision
to our streets.
Death buys deaths and I hope one day
that price is one you pay.
For if it’s a war you want, sir
then it’s war you’ll get.


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