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Sing me your song

Published September 23, 2012 by largemargeuk

I don’t care
how many women
you have sung to beneath
this solitary moon
or how many of them
lay back in bliss
and ler your hands
roam over them
and groaned your name
over and again
as they felt you
burn into them, so deep.

Sing you song for me
like I am the only one
who has heard it.

Sing for me sweetly
and I will be yours
in any way
that you want me to be
Make me sway, make me sigh
to the pure light of your music.
I will devour you
flesh blood and salt.
sing me your song, singer
sing it to me
and as long as I feel
your soul in it,I am yours.


Putting it Bluntly (in two acts)

Published September 18, 2012 by largemargeuk

Say it once and say it right
that’s the way I prefer it
to be said.
Measure it twice to cut just once
you cannot unbutter poorly
buttered bread.
We have two ears and one mouth
for a reason –
and that’s not just cliché.
So don’t go blathering
your silly bullshit
think about what you have to say.

You’re not smart, you’re not clever
you’re not deep, you’re not wise
you’re opinions mean no more than anyone elses
you’re not a philosopher either, I see through your disguise
You intellectual credentials
all only what you say they are,
and they mean bugger all to me.
All you have is an internet connection
and perceived anonymity.

Be Happy

Published September 8, 2012 by largemargeuk

The best advice
you can get in life
is “be happy”

No cloud is so grey
or night so dark
that you cannot be

Bad things are big,
good things are small
but many are they, in number

So take but a minute
to count them, and
be happy.


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