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Penetration is the Divine

Published November 20, 2012 by largemargeuk

The touch is divine,
the night is holy,
the kiss is sacrament, but
penetration is the divine.

We live forever in what
seems like a night time.
Our Gods are our bodies, but
penetration is the divine

The softest point of skin
enters the softest.
The hardest point of bone
enters the hard

Love is a prayer,
our bed is the chruch,
our moments are magic,
but penetration is the divine.



Published November 5, 2012 by largemargeuk

I love the time
when the shadows swirl
and the first touch of cool
comes drifting.

When the weary day
starts to rise from me
and of nights pleasure’s
my mind truns to dreaming.

Of the warmth of wine,
of the sweetness of kisses,
of the shock of the touch
of a handsome stranger.

At the places I’ll go
in my empire of dreams –
Nightfall, the gateway
to heaven.


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