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Way I am

Published March 2, 2013 by largemargeuk

Maybe I’m no lover
maybe I’m too weak.
Maybe I’m too frightened
to ever hear you speak.
If it’s knowledge that you’re seeking
I only know the things I know.
If you feel you need completing
there’s only so much I can show
That’s the way I am.

I saw you lying naked
were you dreaming of the price?
Were you dreaming of the conquest
or of the sacrifice?
You love me for my pity
this everybody knows.
Me, I love you for your beauty
with or without your clothes.
That’s the way I am.

I think about your silence
I think of you a lot
I think about the milage
and I think about the cost
There must be a name for it
it cannot be unamed –
we fear the thing which kills us both
at heart we are both the same.
Only I don’t care if it kills me
and I think that you do
You’ve got more to live for than me
but I have more life than you.
And I’ll toss it away if I’m able
That’s one thing that is sure
and the only thing I’ll ask of you
are directions to the door.
That’s the way that I am.


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