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I’m touched.

Published April 24, 2013 by largemargeuk

I’m touched by your words
how they grow ever bolder
I’m touched by your breath
soft, on my shoulder.
I’m touched by your eyes
I can feel their caress
I am touched by their gaze
at the fall of my dress.

I’m touched by your thoughts
and you kind, gentle gesture
I’m touched by your notions
of business and pleasure.
I’m touched by your feelings
and lofty ideals
I am touched by your velvet
and touched by your steel.

I’m touched by your hands
so strong yet so soft
I am touched by your want
which holds me aloft
I am touched in my flesh
and I am touched, deep within
by the pulse of your fire.
Touch me. Begin.


Small Things

Published April 6, 2013 by largemargeuk

There is power in small things
and when you see it, you will know.
A raindrop falls upon your face
and you life has been renewed.

A baby smiles and all the gloom
peals away like distant bells.
A flower opens, as it does everyday
and the sun suddenly means so much more.

Small things are measured in moments
which, when compounded
stretch to the end of time
and their sum is eternity.


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