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There is beauty in the most unlikely places

Published July 18, 2013 by largemargeuk

I see, I touch, I taste, I feel
constantly, around me
in the laight of day or darkest hour
beauty that surrounds me
I look at what some cringe upon
and see the ownder in it’s graces
the happiest accident is to find
there is beauty in the most unlikely places.

To some, love’s highest beauty
is wrapped in virgin white
but to me, I find the same pure bliss
in love as dark as night
Some say water heals all wounds
while to me, fire is the basis
each works in their own strange way –
there is beauty in the most unlikely places

Stones and streetlight lights, rivers and fields
beauty is to each their own
there is music in the sweep of strings
or a low, haunted lover’s moan
every human form has it’s own brand of charm
it is no just breasts or faces
what some call ugly I find compelling
there is beauty in the most unlikely places

Some people never leave their rooms,
the world to them is useless
they judge all things from within their box
never knowing how vast the truth is
It’s sad to think they will never truly know
all that both dark and light embraces
and the wonder of the other side
there is beauty in the most unlikely places



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