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There is nothing wrong with what I do

Published October 11, 2013 by largemargeuk

I fall in love
I make mistakes
I sing, I dance, I cry until dawn
I burn things
I grow things
I make choices and
I regret things
I celebrate
I party
I sing the joy ecstatic
I get used
I use others
I get what I want
I give what I desire
I use sex
sex uses me
I tell lies
I let myself be lied to
I work hard
I sleep in
I love the sun
I love the moon
I spend money
I make money
I eat meat
I am straight
I am white
I don’t bow to men
and there in nothing
wrong with what
I do.


Love What You’ve Become

Published September 14, 2013 by largemargeuk

If you’ve become a demon
love what you’ve become.
if you’ve become an old man
love what you’ve become
If you’ve become a soldier
love what you’ve become
If you’ve become insane
love waht you’ve become

If you have been through changes
love the change.
if you’ve been taken on a journey
love the miles
if you’ve been shaped by circumstances
feel the new
if you’ve been lost and then forgotten
love the place you’re lost in.

If you’ve been invisibly wounded
love what you’ve become
if you’ve become a slave
love what you’ve become
if you’ve been distorted by your passion
love what you’ve become
if the chnages have consumed you
love what you’ve become

if you are eaten up by a fetish
let it lead
If you are swimming against the river
float downstream
if the hill is now a mountian
love the climb
If my voice is now your enemy
love our past.

For what it is

Published August 5, 2013 by largemargeuk

Sometimes I get hungry and I think
“you know, I have all this love spread out in front of me
but it’s just not what I am hungry for”
and I start to think
“well, what would satisfy the craving? There
has to be somewhere I can go to find
just the right flavour
for tonight”

And it drives me crazy.

And then I think “Wait…
perhaps I should start appreciating love
for what it is
and not doubting it for what it’s not….”

There is beauty in the most unlikely places

Published July 18, 2013 by largemargeuk

I see, I touch, I taste, I feel
constantly, around me
in the laight of day or darkest hour
beauty that surrounds me
I look at what some cringe upon
and see the ownder in it’s graces
the happiest accident is to find
there is beauty in the most unlikely places.

To some, love’s highest beauty
is wrapped in virgin white
but to me, I find the same pure bliss
in love as dark as night
Some say water heals all wounds
while to me, fire is the basis
each works in their own strange way –
there is beauty in the most unlikely places

Stones and streetlight lights, rivers and fields
beauty is to each their own
there is music in the sweep of strings
or a low, haunted lover’s moan
every human form has it’s own brand of charm
it is no just breasts or faces
what some call ugly I find compelling
there is beauty in the most unlikely places

Some people never leave their rooms,
the world to them is useless
they judge all things from within their box
never knowing how vast the truth is
It’s sad to think they will never truly know
all that both dark and light embraces
and the wonder of the other side
there is beauty in the most unlikely places


Islam is the poison of our world

Published June 7, 2013 by largemargeuk

Islam is the poison of our world
we see it in the blood that fills our streets
of the innocents they slaughter without mercy
and a peaceful England plunged into the flames.

Islam is the poison of our world
the spring from which the cruellest hatred flows
for the women murdered for defying hateful customs
from the children warped and twisted from the womb

Why should a nation of people
who have dedicated themselves to civilization and betterment
tolerate this barbarian spur of culture?
Why should we nurse the poison of our world?

I’m touched.

Published April 24, 2013 by largemargeuk

I’m touched by your words
how they grow ever bolder
I’m touched by your breath
soft, on my shoulder.
I’m touched by your eyes
I can feel their caress
I am touched by their gaze
at the fall of my dress.

I’m touched by your thoughts
and you kind, gentle gesture
I’m touched by your notions
of business and pleasure.
I’m touched by your feelings
and lofty ideals
I am touched by your velvet
and touched by your steel.

I’m touched by your hands
so strong yet so soft
I am touched by your want
which holds me aloft
I am touched in my flesh
and I am touched, deep within
by the pulse of your fire.
Touch me. Begin.


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