Small Things

Published April 6, 2013 by largemargeuk

There is power in small things
and when you see it, you will know.
A raindrop falls upon your face
and you life has been renewed.

A baby smiles and all the gloom
peals away like distant bells.
A flower opens, as it does everyday
and the sun suddenly means so much more.

Small things are measured in moments
which, when compounded
stretch to the end of time
and their sum is eternity.


Way I am

Published March 2, 2013 by largemargeuk

Maybe I’m no lover
maybe I’m too weak.
Maybe I’m too frightened
to ever hear you speak.
If it’s knowledge that you’re seeking
I only know the things I know.
If you feel you need completing
there’s only so much I can show
That’s the way I am.

I saw you lying naked
were you dreaming of the price?
Were you dreaming of the conquest
or of the sacrifice?
You love me for my pity
this everybody knows.
Me, I love you for your beauty
with or without your clothes.
That’s the way I am.

I think about your silence
I think of you a lot
I think about the milage
and I think about the cost
There must be a name for it
it cannot be unamed –
we fear the thing which kills us both
at heart we are both the same.
Only I don’t care if it kills me
and I think that you do
You’ve got more to live for than me
but I have more life than you.
And I’ll toss it away if I’m able
That’s one thing that is sure
and the only thing I’ll ask of you
are directions to the door.
That’s the way that I am.

I heard it through the rapevine

Published February 21, 2013 by largemargeuk

Somewhere someone told me you had your eye on me.
I don not like to think that could be true.
I know your reputation and what I’ve seen of you disgusts me.
I may not be wise but I am not a fool. Oh no.

So will I let you buy me a drink, I think not, no – no thank you
I can’t be sure what you might have slipped in it
and I don’t want ot end the night like those girls have before
who accpted your invitation, only to regret it

I am sure you can be charming when you try it and
althought I doubt your boatsed physical dimensions
I will not be your conquest by faor means or by foul
and nor will any girl I can warn about you….

No Thank You.

Published February 9, 2013 by largemargeuk

Do I want to be your property
with no rights to education
to vote or to own anything
and just a machine for
giving birth to sons?
No thank you.

Do I want to deny my body
wrap myself from head to
foot in some cloak of shame
and, to not do so to risk
a painful death?
No thank you.

Do I wish to live I can
play no part in making
which applies only to I, woman
where I have no right
to defence or appeal?
No thank you.

I am English, I am free
and I am born of a civilized
people. Go take your Sharia law
back to the filfthy hovels
that it crawled from.


Published January 15, 2013 by largemargeuk

My dark world.
My world of forbidden joy.
My world
off the high street
in the alley,
on my knees –
torn stockings, bloodied hands.
My blackworld

My blackworld
where I choke
my world wher I gasp
at the power inside me
straining to split me
My hidden world.
No one even suspects.
My life in the luring shadows.
My blackworld

My world where I am bound,
my world where I am free from choice,
my world where I surrender
Where the pain is sweet, sweet the
price I pay
to get close to the dark flame
in my blackworld.

Blackworld, hungry boys.
I’m hungry for the hungry boys
and every time I slip there
a little of me lingers forever.
in my blackworld.


Published December 6, 2012 by largemargeuk

I’m lying in the sheets
of a rather nice hotel.
My boy is in the shower
I’m feeling oh-so-well
I’m tingling all over
my brain has turned to jelly
I trace my fingers through the magic
written on my belly.

Walking down the street today
a boy did catch my eye
Really such a striking chap
my feelings could not lie
I glanced at him so longingly
and I could simply tell he
would live to sign his name in magic
written on my belly.

I know what you think it is,
but it’s not what you expect.
It more about the power
than it is about the sex.
So when a boy works hard to please me
when he does really well, he
is rewarded with  a magic show
written on my belly.

Penetration is the Divine

Published November 20, 2012 by largemargeuk

The touch is divine,
the night is holy,
the kiss is sacrament, but
penetration is the divine.

We live forever in what
seems like a night time.
Our Gods are our bodies, but
penetration is the divine

The softest point of skin
enters the softest.
The hardest point of bone
enters the hard

Love is a prayer,
our bed is the chruch,
our moments are magic,
but penetration is the divine.


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